[lug] Gnuplot window scaling

Evelyn Mitchell efm at tummy.com
Wed May 9 14:58:09 MDT 2001

I've seen this behavior as well, often after Netscape has run into
a resizing windoid javascript.

Restarting Netscape will often stop it. 

Evelyn Mitchell
efm at tummy.com

> It seems that the program itself is plotting things OK, but the window
> that opens to show the graph often is the width of my screen but only
> about 1/2 inch tall or sometimes postage stamp sized.  What is worse is
> that I can't seem to grab the corners of these windows and resize them.  
> Using the window size toggles in Gnome (I think) I can force the window to
> a decent size, but this is a bit awkward.

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