[lug] What's up with the NIST time servers (fwd)

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Wed May 9 18:52:31 MDT 2001

"J. Wayde Allen" wrote:
>         1.  The rdate program sends "broadcast" packets. These are often
>         regarded as "unfriendly" by many routers and gateways, and they


>         conforms to that protocol (RFC 866 & 868). Although our servers
>         support this protocol, I strongly discourage using it. In


>    An alternative is to use some of the simple programs that are on
> our servers or that are distributed by others. For example, you might

If you have Red Hat installed, you might try "ntpdate" from the "ntp" package
("xntp" where RH version<7.0). I suppose ntpdate may be available for other
distros, too.

Calvin Dodge
Certified Linux Bigot (tm)

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