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Here is the list of Channels:

TBS Superstation, Animal Planet
TNT, MTV, Disney, lifetime, Discovery
WGN, ESPN2, Fox SportsNet, cnn
A&E, Fox family, Showtime, HBO, QVC

To get the cable programming you will need to run a cable splitter before
the modem/router then one feed into the TV or VCR, and the other into the
modem/router.  You may lose signal strength, but watching the Avs in the
playoffs is worth it.


PS Do not put the splitter in between the Antenna, and the power unit.
Splitters do not pass signal or power both ways.

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On Tue, 8 May 2001, jeremy wrote:

> I also have Sprint BBD and notice high lag and packet loss.  From what
> I hear they are over selling.  Then to compensate they rotate access.
> Sound hokey to me but could happen.

	You mean they rotate web access... That I have noticed come and go
during peak hours, but SSH, FTP, etc... have always worked.

> Although the one cool thing with Sprint is that they piggyback the
> Data signal onto a Cable-TV signal.  So, a simple splitter after the
> antenna power adapter gives you cable, and High speed internet for
> $50/mo (sweet).

	They do? Is there an actual cable programming feed on the antenna
feed? I only ask because where I live, I can't get cable via land lines
and a satelite dish is too expensive (had to decide between cable and
broadband Internet). Would you explain this further? Thanks.

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