[lug] Newbie X-window questions

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Wed May 9 11:20:05 MDT 2001

I've sent this twice now, but haven't seen it show up.
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you at local$ xhost +remote
you at local$ ssh you at remote
you at remote$ export DISPLAY=local:0
you at remote$ xterm&
you at remote$ exit
you at local$ xhost -remote

<disclaimer>I know this is the most insecure method of allowing access, but
for now it works.</disclaimer>

alternatively, you can learn about MIT_MAGIC_COOKIES
or, as you mentioned, you can use ssh.

ssh -X -n you at remote /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm

I'm not sure you need all of these switches, but this works for me through a
firewall to my home box from work.

NOTE: ssh will be much slower and if you are on your own LAN, secluded from
the world, it is unnecessary.

Here is my $HOME/.ssh/config
it helps with using X over a slow connection.

Compression yes
ForwardX11 yes


always RTFM! It's all there (if you know how to filter for what you need.)

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> Hi,
> If I have two Linux boxes, say "remote" and "local", then how do I
> open a window from remote on local?
> Is this secure?  I mean, if I have ssh telnet connectivity between the
> boxes, can I open X-windows via ssh?  How much better is this?
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