[lug] Blind ftp directory

Chip Atkinson catkinson at circadence.com
Fri May 11 12:28:22 MDT 2001

If I create a directory with write and execute privs (333) that seems to 
work.  I can touch junk/joe and junk/mike but ls junk gives permission 


Anders Knudsen wrote:

> Need some guidance on how to make a "blind" ftp directory.
> I want to create a public directory that anonymous users can have put 
> and get access to, but cannot list the files in that directory.
> I have it set up with directory permissions of  -wx-wx-wx
> This gives an access denied when you try to list files.
> It's "working" but not exactly what I want.
> Look at ftp.cadence.com and go to the public directory there. You don't 
> get an access denied message, however, the files are not viewable.
> Any ideas on the setup there to achieve this?
> TIA,
> -Anders
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