[lug] kernel to user space transactions

Archer Sully archer at meer.net
Fri May 11 14:12:11 MDT 2001

mohan kumar wrote:
> now we have a doubt that, like maping kernal space
> buffers to user space, weather we will be able to map
> user space buffers to kernel space(so that we can
> write data directly from packet capture
> function(registered via dev_add_pack))

The accepted way to do this is to allocate a buffer 
in the kernel and map it into user space.  While you're
at it, treat the buffer as a ring buffer and all will 
be well.

Do not, under any circumstances, map user land addresses
into the kernel.  It is left as an exercise for the reader
to determine why ;-).

Archer Sully
Boulder, CO

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