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Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Mon May 14 08:22:43 MDT 2001

Another note regarding this service:
Based on the reports on this list regarding this service some people
have great connections and others don't.  Well - I had an installer at
my house last Thursday and got a chance to talk to him about this.  What
he told me is that they installed several sites since last November with
trees between the antenna and their radio tower.  Now as these trees are
growing leaves they keep getting service calls because of high packet
loss, which is sometimes also perceived as high latency.  
Needless to say - I didn't get the service either.  They had a really
good signal but it came through between the branches of a tall tree.  So
I am back to dial-up because my installer didn't think I could maintain
this connection throughout summer.  He predicted the typical problems -
packet loss.
So - unless you can see that tower on Eldorado Mtn really well and
without anything in your line of sight this service won't work for you.


Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
>         My gut reaction would be no, but I double checked anyway... Hit my
> offsite website from my home boxes, and then looked in the access logs.
> Guess what? Yep, transparent HTTP proxy is in place on Sprint's BBD
> service. My web logs showed connections from codvedca01.co.sprintbbd.net
> ( when my home boxes hit the web server. That indeed
> explains the outages on heavy load, the proxy acts a bottle neck killing
> the connection. :(
>         Though, to their credit, I do have to say that save for high load
> situations, it is a very well configured web proxy. I have used
> transparent and non-transparent web proxies in the past, and it was always
> dead obvious that I was using them (slow load times, out of date pages,
> general weirdness, etc...). Until I tested as above, I did not even
> suspect that they were running a proxy.
>         During high load times though, my SSH connections run fine, so I
> think a VPN tunnel to my web server might be in order for avoiding high
> load outages. :)
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