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It seems easier for beginners to use the configuration tool rather than editing
configuration files.  If you do so then you need to make sure that you execute
/sbin/SuSEconfig after making your changes.  Otherwise your configuration
changes will get overwritten the next time you run Yast.  SuSEconfig will also
restart the relevant services.
After editing configuration files for years on RedHat systems I started using
those configuration tools again.  One major convinience of those tools is that
they install packages that you may need to do what you want to do.  If in this
case the dhcp client isn't installed then you won't have luck by just modifying

This is of course just my opinion and by no means expert advice.


John Karns wrote:

> On Mon, 14 May 2001, Ferdinand Schmid said:
> >Also:  Did you try to use Yast2 to configure your network card?  What type
> >of configuration did you pick.  I assume the cable modem wants to do dhcp.
> >So you'll need to configure your card for that.  If your card configuration
> >is corrupt you can shut down your computer and remove the card.  Then boot
> >up - this will remove the card configuration.  Then shut down again, remove
> >the card and boot back up.  Yast (either Yast1 - the text utility or Yast2
> >- the graphical utility) will now show you the card that the system
> >detected.  Then use Yast to configure your card for dhcp and enter the AT&T
> >gateway and DNS info.  Just click around Yast2 a bit and you'll find what
> >you are looking for.  I really found Yast the best and easiest Linux
> >configuration tool to date!  Yast2 is still a bit buggy but Yast1 works
> >beautifully.
> Actually, you should only have to edit /etc/rc.config:
> =================================================
> IPADDR_0=""
> IPADDR_1=""
> IPADDR_2=""
> IPADDR_3=""
> #
> # network device names (e.g. "eth0")
> #
> NETDEV_0="eth0"
> NETDEV_1=""
> NETDEV_2=""
> NETDEV_3=""
> IFCONFIG_0="dhcpclient"
> =================================================
> I believe that the last line above overrides the
> IPADDR_0=""
> line above it, so it's irrelevant what you put for IPADDR_0=
> I used that configuration successfully at two different sites.  Both had
> the Linksys router installed.  One was subscribed to AT&T '@home'.  Worked
> fine.
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