[lug] Disconnectin user / Closing idle connections

Chip Atkinson catkinson at circadence.com
Wed May 16 11:50:20 MDT 2001

My kind of crappy solution is to use ps without options to find out what 
pty I'm on.  Then kill shell processes that are not associated with your 
current pty.


Shannon Johnston wrote:

> Hello All!
> I had a quick question. Sometimes my connection will drop from a remote
> system. (Or I'll close the terminal without properly exiting.) 
> When I run a who command next time, the previous connection still remains.
> I've seen them as old as 5 days idling.
> That brings me to my question. How do I kill these connections? Also, how
> can I kill the active connection of another user?
> Thanks,
> Shannon
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