[lug] Auto FTP file up on PPP connection

Mark (Andy) Jolley majolley at qwest.net
Wed May 16 19:07:45 MDT 2001

I'm trying to get my dialup box to auto FTP a file to a server once the PPP
connection is up, so I actually have two questions (I'm on Red hat 7.0):
1) where do I add my script to make my scripts kick off upon a successful
dialup and logon?  I looked at my ppp-up script in the /etc/ppp directory,
but it said to use a ppp-up.local.  I couldn't find one, so I made one with
755 permissions, and added a line to call my scripts.  But nothing happens.
My file creation script also has 755 permissions.

2) how do I automate the ftp process.  I'm more familiar with the M$ world
and I can call a script with ftp -s filename to automate an FTP process, how
do I do this with Linux, and who is the user that it will run under?

Mark (Andy) Jolley

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