[lug] NIS: Linux->Solaris

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Thu May 17 05:54:05 MDT 2001

Are you using md5 passwords on the linux box and does solaris default to


"Anders Knudsen"
> I have this mostly working and have been searching the net for an answer to 
> my issue. Maybe someone here has this working?
> Situation: We have Linux workstations here for some time. All are using NIS.
> Now we are adding 2 Ultra2 workstations, both need to run Solaris 8.
> I got the Ultra2 attaching to our internal network as an NIS client.
> On the Ultra2, I can:
> * do a ypcat hosts, and get the right list.
> * do a ypcat passwd, and get all the uids and the passwd field has the long 
> encrypted junk in there (not an 'x').
> * do a ypcat group, and get the group list.
> ...basically it seems like it's working fine as an NIS client...until I try 
> to login as a user in the NIS database.
> I can log in as root on the Ultra2 box and do an 'su username' no problem.
> If I try to do a login 'username', NO JOY. The password is not accepted.
> On my NIS server (RH7) I made the ypserv.conf file say "no" to mangle 
> passwords.
> Still no joy.
> Tried 'passwd files nis' and 'passwd compat'' for the nsswitch.conf file on 
> the Ultra2. (also for group).
> Still no joy.
> :(
> So...is it possible to have a Solaris NIS client talk fully to a Linux NIS 
> server?
> Anyone have this setup and working?
> If so, I'de be grateful for any pointers and/or setup/conf files.
> TIA,
> -Anders.

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