[lug] Auto FTP file up on PPP connection

Chip Atkinson catkinson at circadence.com
Thu May 17 09:10:23 MDT 2001

I'd set up ppp for demand dial.  Then you don't have to worry about 
timing so much.  With demand dialing you just ftp to the site and ftp 
hangs while the connection is brought up.  Once the connection is 
established it behaves like normal ftp.

To automate the ftp process use autoexpect and expect.  Expect is kind 
of tricky at first, so autoexpect is your friend.  Start up autoexpect 
and start your ftp session.  Then when you are done with the ftp, type 
in exit.  Autoexpect will tell you what the script is named.  You will 
almost certainly have to edit the resulting script because autoexpect 
writes the expect script to expect exactly what it recieves.  This is 
typically a problem because many logins say "last login at ...." which 
is different each time.

I have written a pair of scripts, one shell, one expect that connects to 
my isp and downloads the mail.  I can send that this evening if you wish.


Mark (Andy) Jolley wrote:

> I'm trying to get my dialup box to auto FTP a file to a server once the PPP
> connection is up, so I actually have two questions (I'm on Red hat 7.0):
> 1) where do I add my script to make my scripts kick off upon a successful
> dialup and logon?  I looked at my ppp-up script in the /etc/ppp directory,
> but it said to use a ppp-up.local.  I couldn't find one, so I made one with
> 755 permissions, and added a line to call my scripts.  But nothing happens.
> My file creation script also has 755 permissions.
> 2) how do I automate the ftp process.  I'm more familiar with the M$ world
> and I can call a script with ftp -s filename to automate an FTP process, how
> do I do this with Linux, and who is the user that it will run under?
> Thanks
> Mark (Andy) Jolley
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