[lug] Boulder Linux Users Group - May 10, 2001 Meeting Summary

J. Wayde Allen wallen at its.bldrdoc.gov
Thu May 17 14:35:53 MDT 2001

              Boulder Linux User's Group Meeting Summary

Attendance:   55

Synopsis:  There were no announcements to start the meeting with this time
so we jumped right into Ryan Kirkpatrick's <linux at rkirkpat.net> demo of
gschem from the gEDA package, a schematic capture program for electrical
circuits <http://www.geda.seul.org/>.  Then Shane O'Donnell
<shaneo at opennms.org>, our featured speaker took the floor.  His
presentation was entitled:  "Managing Networks for Less Than a Million
Dollars", and discussed the effect of the open source revolution on
network/systems management.  He compared technology in commercial
platforms to open source alternatives.  In particular, he tried to address
the four value cornerstones of open source network management; speed,
price, customizability and technology.  The talk ended with a demo of the
Opennms project software <http://www.opennms.org/>.

We wrapped up the evening with our usual Q&A session, door prize drawing,
and after meeting socializing.

Next Meeting:  
   Date:  June 14, 2001
   Time:  7:00 p.m.
   Location:  NIST Auditorium; 325 Broadway, Boulder CO
   Topic:  Securing an existing linux box
   Speaker:  Kevin Fenzi <kevin at scrye.com>, 
             Co-author of the Linux Security HowTo

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