[lug] Disconnectin user / Closing idle connections

John Karns jkarns at csd.net
Thu May 17 17:51:57 MDT 2001

On Wed, 16 May 2001, Shannon Johnston said:

> Hello All!
> I had a quick question. Sometimes my connection will drop from a remote
> system. (Or I'll close the terminal without properly exiting.)
> When I run a who command next time, the previous connection still remains.
> I've seen them as old as 5 days idling.
> That brings me to my question. How do I kill these connections? Also, how
> can I kill the active connection of another user?

There is also a utility that will log off a user after some time of
inactivity.  Although it may tend to knock off logins which are not
intended to be targeted, it may be worth a look:

it's called 'autolog'.  Use your favorite search engine to find it.

John Karns jkarns at csd.net

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