[lug] CGI Generated PDFs and MS Explorer 5.5 Problems...

Erik Tennant tennant at webpd.com
Thu May 17 20:13:42 MDT 2001

I'm not sure how this list is moderated-- I'm not sure if this message will 
even get through or end up in the right spot.. However, I thought I would 
send in a comment on the thread about getting Evidently 5.5 to correctly 
recognize pdf files, just in case it might be useful to someone searching 
the archives.

In my case, the user selected several checkboxes, and then submitted an 
HTML form which POSTed to a servlet that generated a pdf based on their 
selections..  I changed my form from a POST to a GET.. and IE 
auto-magically started to recognize the pdf correctly. Don't ask me why, I 
don't know.  Evidently IE doesn't pay any attention to the Content-type 
header that is returned from a POST url request..??  strange..

Netscape worked fine with either a GET or a POST.

-Erik Tennant

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