[lug] LaTeX and distilling to PDF

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Fri May 18 10:05:56 MDT 2001

There's another utility called pdflatex that you can use.

In place of your dvips line I would run pdflatex documentsource.tex and
then look for the resulting documentsource.pdf

I don't know if it will meet your requirements or not, but it is another
mode for generating pdf.

pdflatex doesn't accept the same image formats as latex does (pdflatex will use
jpeg but the quality tends to be poor).


"J. Wayde Allen"
> I've recently been working on some technical papers writen in LaTeX, and
> although the papers print fine I seem to be having probelms distilling
> them to pdf.  The commands I've used are:
>    latex documentsource.tex
>    bibtex documentsource
>    latex
>    latex
>    dvips -o document.ps documentsource.dvi
> Like I said before this results in a postscript file (document.ps) that
> prints fine on a postrscript printer.  However, when I run this through a
> pdf distiller, either ps2pdf or Adobe's commercial distiller, the
> resulting text becomes fuzzy with light ghosting and jaggies if you zoom
> in close.  Any ideas?  Font problem?  How can I fix this?

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