[lug] LILO is not booting

Rijesh P P rijeshpp at usa.net
Mon May 21 14:45:21 MDT 2001

Dear Sir,

I had tried to Installing  Redhat Linux 7.1 on a Intel PIII Machine with 128
MB RAM.My Hard disk is 13 GB Seagate IDE hard disk and i tried only
Linux(Means Single OS).

The problem I am facing after the package installaion whie on the post script
process it giving a "SERIOS HARD DISK PROBLEM " and asking to create a
bootable flopy disk and boot from that.Then afetr The Lilo is starting from
Harddisk, It became hanging after L on starting.It is perfectly starting from

Is it the problem relating to bios geometry of hard disk exceeding 1024.

Please help me to solve this problem.


Rijesh P P.

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