[lug] Linux bench experiment

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Wed May 23 17:08:17 MDT 2001

Rob Mohr wrote:
> I am planning a new distro tryout, debian, but before I do that I am
> messing with the current setup, trying things out, as the risk is null.
> One idea that I have for an experiment is with respect to deleting a file
> directory.  If I should do this: rm -r /sbin <enter> what happens next?
> Does it write to RAMDSK?  And if it does, may I power off the box, thus
> wiping out the hideous deletion mistake?  Or does it write to the
> swapfile?  What if it does?  Will an immediate power off keep the swapfile
> from writing the  inode changes?  (correct, rm frees up inode numbers,
> which, effectively mark a file as alive or dead?)
> PS, this is a 486 PC, 20 meg ram.  Slow.
> eof

Programs that are already running which were created from something in
/sbin will still be in ram, and continue to operate. As soon as the
command exits, it'll be gone forever. Considering "init" and "shutdown"
are there, you'll be forced to shutdown with power (or maybe magic sysrq
keys if enabled). Bringing it back up won't be possible (or at least
*very* damaged without init). Powering off will mark the end of your
system as you know it. Swap is only a part of this when you use up
enough ram to require swap, or else when something manually tells it to
page out. The moment you hit "rm", the game is over.

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

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