[lug] vi wildcards

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Thu May 24 06:40:30 MDT 2001

John Starkey wrote:
> I'm trying to delete about 500 SPAN tags in a document I have to code
> using vi. All of them include a css class. Can someone tell me how to use
> wildcards in a :s statement?
> I've tried:
> :1,$s/<SPAN CLASS=\"*\">//g
> :1,$a/<SPAN CLASS=\"\*\">//g\\

:g/SPAN/s/<SPAN CLASS=[^>]*>//g

This will delete only up to the *first*  > on the line, so if there are
other tags on the line, they won't all get eaten up...

	-- Alan [who cut his teeth on 'ed' ] Robertson
	   alanr at unix.sh

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