[lug] hi ... this is mitra !

KSS Mitra srinivasam_ks at yahoo.com
Tue May 22 11:34:16 MDT 2001

Hi ,

   My name is Mitra.I am working with Tata Consultancy

   I am having a requirement.
   I want to attach a file to the mail message from
command prompt without using [T/G]UI.

   For this topic i am searching on Internet.
   I found one of your mails related to this.

   I am working in HP-UX 10.20 envirnment.

   We are using sendmail Version 8.7.1.

   I have checked for -a option which was specified in
your mail.But it was futile.
   If you have the solution please help me out.

Mitra KSS.

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