[lug] looking for strings,

Jeff Howell howeljs at grimoire.stortek.com
Thu May 24 13:36:17 MDT 2001

Sounds to me like the modem is broken. Perhaps a bent pin. Might try 
plugging a phone into the lineout jack and see if you get a tone just to 
test that.



for a in `your_base`
   chown us:us $a
exit 0

Rob Mohr wrote:

> I can't solve a no carrier modem issue.
> I read the HOWTO and then deleved into the BLUG archives.  About ten pages
> of info, the one tid bit that I used was to change out a V4 to a V1
> setting on the initial dial string.  
> Everything is via minicom.  And I can step through checks ATI0-ATI20 with
> most coming back OK and one number kicking out Parallel 16550 EXT HYB 
> V32BIS V42BIS.  The AT&8 kicks out the Active register, the Stored 1 & 2
> register settings.  Below that load of info are four slots for telephone
> numbers.  0 emtpy 1=2305336 2= empty 3=3etmpy  and I don't know where that
> number applies, I did not key it into the dialer or elsewhere.  This page
> then ends with OK.
> I did a google search on "NO CARRIER" +modem +linux and did not seem to
> pull up anything of use save for much discussion about setserial.  
> I do suspect I have an issue with the initial strings, but I did not find
> any good info on how to change the initialization strings.  
> The modem is date stamped AST Research 1994, which should mean that it is
> not a winmodem issue.  It is 14.4K; a real pokey modem.  
> Is there an O'Reilley book that might offer a few leads?  My Linux books
> just have a bare one page on minicom, and I don't have the modem manual.
> One last thing, I did wipe out the locked file entry thinking that might
> be causing a snag, but then I put it back, /var/lockfile.  
> Don't spend too much brain effort here, as the utility of a working modem,
> on this 486 box, it not a critial matter to me.  It is just the exercise
> of getting it right; working.  
> eof
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