[lug] desperate newbie dealing with authentication

Anne George ageorge at goldsys.com
Fri May 25 07:47:36 MDT 2001

I just have one last piece of the OpenSSH puzzle that I cannot figure out.

SecureCRT pops up an error that says invalid username public/privatekey
pair, after I Accept the public key from the server.  It then prompts me for
a .pub file & username, but still fails.

The server is OpenSSH on Linux RH 6.2 (latest version) & the client is
SecureCRT on Windows 98.

SecureFX works from the client.  It prompts me to accept a key, username,
pw, and then I'm in.

I've install OpenSSH, the sshd is running, ran the keygen to create the host
key files (RSA, DSA, etc.)
Copied my client ,pub keys over and added them to the authorization_keys2
file, verified that the file contains keys.
Stopped/Restarted/rebooted many times, deleted & recreated server keys & the
authorization file.
Tried creating/using root & different user account logins when starting the

With SecureCRT...

Password validation works, but my goal is to start/stop the http server
remotely, and I don't have permissions with the pw validation.
Tried various combinations of the Session configuration including key
creation with RSA & DSA.
Autodetect & Standard authorization check
I've tried using the username from the remote login machine, the 98 machine,
a bogus name, root, & blank.
Tried adding both the .pub and the identity file in the session
configuration, just to see if I could get a different error.
Tried using the public key from the SecureFX setup.

The Van-dyke documentation is really lame, almost no information in dealing
with the login process.

Is this a client or server issue, both?  I've scoured the web, but can't
find a bug report even similiar to this problem!
What am I missing in the configuration!??!!

-- Anne

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