[lug] vi wildcards becomes mod_perl/apache/asp

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Fri May 25 15:45:20 MDT 2001

> if you didn't already find it, take a look at the '-i' flag for perl
> (man perlrun).  e.g.:
>    perl -i.bak -lpwe 's:</?span[^>]*>::gi' *.html

Yeah I ended up with .bak.bak.bak files :} I used

perl -i.bak -pe 's:<SPAN[^>]*>//g' *

So yeah close enough. :} Thanks to you guys once again.

> p.s. in keeping with my title of "sick little monkey", here's one of
>      the regexes i wrote as a partial replacement for the HTML::Parser
>      module (when i was in a situation where i couldn't install any
>      CPAN modules...):

That's something that steered me away from perl. Modules for days. I'm
simply trying to install Apache::ASP on my workstation, to test a theory,
and I can't seem to find all the modules I need. Net::FTP isn't installed
so it's trying to use lynx -source to install it but it's trying to login
to a server in Tokyo (using ftp://ftp.cpan.org) that keeps timing out. I
was using -MCPAN -eshell then install whatever::mod.

Know any tricks? I'm using perl 5.6.0 stock KRUD7 install.



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