[lug] vi wildcards becomes mod_perl/apache/asp

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Fri May 25 16:36:20 MDT 2001

> John> perl -i.bak -pe 's:<SPAN[^>]*>//g' *
> you *do* realize that <span> is an element that really should have a
> closing tag, and that you should remove the closing tag at the same
> time you remove the opening tag?  :)

Oh yeah. Thanks :} The page is live as of last night. I had to delete
several other tags. I was just using the above as an example. I'm assuming
your code /? would delete the closing tags also. (will check it out,

> CPAN::shell can be fragile.  i've had some good luck with it, but it
> gets sulky behind firewalls and so on.  if it has trouble finding
> particular modules, i suggest you download them yourself and do the
> (easy) work of installing them by hand.  generally, once you have LWP
> down and it starts using it (especially if you tell it that you prefer
> an HTTP mirror site), you can start using the HTTP proxy and things
> should get much better.
> as for "hints", http://search.cpan.org ... finds what distribution
> modules are in, easy to download from, pretty fast.  works for me.  :)

Cool. Thanks. LWP was a problem. 01mailrc.txt was what it was trying to
get from Tokyo. Looking at it, it's a bunch of email addies and aliases. I
think I'll do it by hand :}


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