[lug] backing up tar file to ntfs network drive?

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Fri May 25 17:21:02 MDT 2001

>>>>> "Kirk" == Kirk Ellsworth <ellz12 at yahoo.com> writes:

Kirk> I am backing up my apache web files using tar, but I would like
Kirk> to move them to my Windows 2000 Server (NTFS drive) machine on
Kirk> the network with my other Win backup files so that my tape will
Kirk> pull them both. Does anyone have any suggestions or cute little
Kirk> scripts that might help me move a tar file to a ntfs network
Kirk> drive?

it seems that rsync can talk to windows 2k boxes, although you might
have to install cygwin on the box in question.


another solution is to compare "by hand" (e.g. roll your own program,
which might be as simple as "find . -mtime 1 ..."), then use smbclient
(a part of the samba distribution) to move them. over.  there's also
an "smbfs" for linux, where you can mount SMB (again, samba / windows
file sharing) shares onto your linux drive ... and just do a copy or a
sync to there -- although i don't know what condition smbfs is in (i
have vague memories of it no longer being supported).

hm... rsync locally?  makes a certain sick amount of sense.


p.s. pardon the excess of parenthetical remarks.  it's friday.

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