[lug] [OT] Vignette info?

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Sat May 26 14:45:08 MDT 2001

> There are some threads comparing Zope and Vignette at:
> John Udell on the V/Z
> http://www.truerwords.net/167 John Udell on the V/Z
> Phil Greenspun  of ArsDigita:
> http://philip.greenspun.com/wtr/vignette.html Phil Greenspun

Yeah. I saw Greenspuns deal on it last night. The Udell link is great
info, thanks a lot.

> John McCormack
> http://www.linux.ie/pipermail/ilug/2000-March/014992.html
>   Suggests it's over $50,000

It looks like they offer more custom solutions than packaged. So I'm sure
the range is pretty broad.

Right now it's on an NT. I'm trying to find an informed argument for
dumping it and going OSS. But with the above figure I think it's gonna be

> Try Zope. It's good for you.

I will now. There's got to be an argument somewhere :}

Thanks very much,


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