[lug] Looking for a good (free) web email client

Eric Kilfoil ekilfoil at viawest.net
Sat May 26 15:27:08 MDT 2001

You may want to investigate IMP.  It's a full featured PHP IMAP web client
available at http://www.horde.org/imp/


Eric Kilfoil
Sr. UNIX Systems Engineer
ViaWest Internet Services

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Kirk Ellsworth wrote:

> I am searching for something like oMail-web, MailStudio, or WebUMake,
> etc... to work with Sendmail for a web client?  This can work with
> Sendmail or any other (free) linux mail server.  If you have any ideas
> please let me know.
> Thanks in advance..
> Kirk Ellsworth
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