[lug] In But Not Out Of Loop

Eric Kilfoil ekilfoil at viawest.net
Sun May 27 04:40:22 MDT 2001

This seems to work for me:

while [ $C -lt 100 ] ; do
	echo $C;
echo "C is $C"

Do you have a specific example?


Eric Kilfoil
Sr. UNIX Systems Engineer
ViaWest Internet Services

On Sun, 27 May 2001, SoloCDM wrote:

> Every time I have a bash while, for or any other type of loop,
> with numbers processed and saved to a variable, the numbers are
> not in the variable outside the loop.  Although, the numbers are
> capable of use and manipulation in the variable, for reassigning
> the variable or recall, anytime before the loop ends.  How can the
> variable's content be available outside the loop?
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