[lug] So you are looking to get certified in Linux?

Crawford Rainwater rainwac at attglobal.net
Tue Jun 5 18:49:10 MDT 2001

Well, it is now official.  CR3 Computer Consulting
is a SAIR Accredited Center for Education (or "ACE").
We are currently offering four courses along the 
SAIR Linux Certified Administrator ("LCA") route, 
plus a Fundamentals course as well (also designed by 
SAIR).  We will soon be offering the LCE (Linux 
Certified Engineer) classes later this year since they 
just came out with this material about a week ago or 
so.  More to come on those soon.

So if you or your employer are looking for a group
to teach some Linux certification classes (non-distribution
specific), drop us an email with you or your company's
contact information so we can send out an information
package to you with more details.  Our web site is
currently down (thanks to our SDSL provider going 
Chapter 7 and holding our building management in legal 
limbo), so for the time being, refer email to our backup
company address below or to me directly.  Feel free to
fire some questions about the classes as well and we
will be more than happy to take the time to answer them.

Also to note, we are scheduled to assist SAIR in
the LinuxWorld Expo and Conference in San Francisco,
CA in August with their exam prep lectures and seminars
(the Install and Configuration portion of that), so
you will have our team help you gals and guys out 
there as well.

Thanks for you time in advance, and I hope to see
you in one of our classes soon.


Crawford Rainwater, CEO (rainwac at attglobal.net)
CR3 Computer Consulting, Inc. (cr3cc_inc at hotmail.com)

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