[lug] Is Netscape Leaving the Browser Market? (fwd)

David Trowbridge jupiter at flatirons.org
Wed Jun 6 12:25:27 MDT 2001

I'd like to point out that the mozilla project (http://www.mozilla.org/)
is still going strong. Even if netscape drops its official support, its an
open source project, with most of the developers being non-netscape
affiliated. So the Unix community will probably continue supporting what,
in my opinion, is the most stable, standards-compliant, and fast-rendering
browser available.


David Trowbridge
jupiter at flatirons.org

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On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, John Starkey wrote:

> Looks like the Unix community will be turning to Opera? Konquerer? Well
> regardless, this affects most of us here so I thought it would be of
> interest.
> Comments by Netscape President Jim Bankoff indicate that Netscape is
> ready to drop active development of the Netscape Web browser and instead
> focus on turning Netcenter into a vital Web portal.
> http://browserwatch.internet.com/news/stories2001/news-20010606-1.html
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