[lug] command line editing in vi

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Thu Jun 7 10:06:33 MDT 2001

I have a problem with emacs.  It doesn't use jklh to move around the file,
I can't use Ctrl-F to go forward, Ctrl B to go backward, :<n> to go to a
line number, x to delete a character, etc. etc.

My fingers know vi and every time I am in emacs, I feel like I have both
hands tied behind my back.

This isn't meant to start a vi/emacs war.  Realistically speaking, the
muscle memory is to do things the way vi does them.  One day (I keep
telling myself this) I will learn to use emacs further than how to write a
file and how to quit.

I have already braved the learning curve of vi and I don't have the time to
brave the curve of emacs.


"Dhruva Reddy"
> Well, if that's the case, Hugh, do you have any
> problem with setting the environment variable EDITOR
> to emacs?  This should allow the up/down arrows.

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