[lug] RH 7.x word of caution

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Thu Jun 7 13:31:31 MDT 2001

"D. Stimits" wrote:
> David Trowbridge wrote:
> >
> > Here's what you need to do in menuconfig:
> > Select network packet filtering. A submenu called 'Netfilter
> > configuration' or something similar will appear. Within that menu,
> > ipchains compatibility is only available if both connection tracking and
> > iptables are modular/disabled. Any configuration where either of those are
> > compiled in will not have the options to build the ipchains module.
> No such menu appears. Under "Network packet filtering", activation only
> creates "Network packet filtering debugging". Nor is there any option
> related to connection tracking or iptables as a submenu of that menu,
> with or without select of Network packet filter. My source must be
> screwy. What source version is this? 2.4.5? I'm trying that and 2.4.6
> pre1. If it is the stock redhat source, it probably means a patch was
> required.

Ignore my reply that I am replying to. It turns out that this does cause
the option to be available, but it is nearly at the bottom of the list
of options, not under Network packet filtering. My blindness is going
away (probably due to the most recent strike of my head against a wall)!

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

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