[lug] Sprint BroadBand Config

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Sat Jun 9 14:43:17 MDT 2001


I don't know anything about Sprint Broadband.  As an aside, though, Qwest did 
sign a big contract with MSN and plans to migrate Qwest.net customers over to 
MSN.  HOWEVER, you are not obligated to use Qwest.net or MSN when you have
Qwest DSL.  The DSL line and the ISP are separate (and are required to be so 
by law, i think).  So even though I find Qwest's alliance with MSN a bummer, 
I am quite happily using my Qwest DSL with a local ISP, Forethought.net

Good luck, either way you'll love broadband.


On Saturday 09 June 2001 12:11 pm, you wrote:
> I'm currently using Qwest Dialup, and am sick of the failed connections

... [snip]

> obstructions, so I think I'm a good candidate.  I considered DSL that's
> available in mid July for me, but Qwest sold all of it's residential DSL
> and dialup access to MSN...No thanks. I pay Bill enough with my Win98 and
> my wife's WinME boxes.
> Thanks
> --Andy Jolley
> majolley at qwest.net

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