[lug] Covad and IDSL

Terry Branaman tbranam at firstworld.net
Mon Jul 30 07:56:56 MDT 2001

My ISP is dropping their DSL support. My phone line doesn't qualify for DSL,
so I have IDSL. Covad will supply me IDSL, but they don't support Linux;
they say that I need to run a program on Windows 9x or NT/2000. My

1) Has anybody had any experience with IDSL and Covad? Can it be made to
work with Linux (I don't have any trouble with Firstworld, who use Covad as
the carrier)?

2) Does anybody know of another, Linux-friendly ISP in Arvada for IDSL? I
have seen a link where you can research ISPs, but I don't remember what it

3) Can anybody recommend a good alternative (e.g. some form of wireless)? I
want to host a small personal web site on my server, so I need an ISP that
doesn't forbid that.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Terry Branaman

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