[lug] Linux laptop projector woes

Phil Rasch pjr at ucar.edu
Mon Jul 30 08:13:47 MDT 2001

........ Much stuff deleted .....................

I have been on vacation.

I Hope I am not repeating information here, but this has been my
solution to the presentation problem identified earlier.

I have one setting for my "standard" (non-talk) laptop mode of operation, and
another for when I am setting up for a "talk".

I enable the talk mode by starting X using

startx -- -bpp 16

(default is 32 bit planes, my standard mode).

I have a bunch of refresh rates selected in the XFree86Config file for
1024 by 768 in "talk" mode. Then I just cycle thru them using
Ctrl-Alt-Keypad+ until I get one that works.

I have only tried this twice (although I give many talks every year I
am just entering the laptop presentation world), but it worked fine
both times. Maybe it will work for you.

# add these into your "Monitor" section

Modeline "1024x768a"   65    1024 1032 1176 1344   768  771  777  806 -hsync -vsync
Modeline "1024x768b"   75    1024 1048 1184 1328   768  771  777  806 -hsync -vsync
Modeline "1024x768c"   85    1024 1032 1152 1360   768  784  787  823
Modeline "1024x768d"   98.9  1024 1056 1216 1408   768  782  788  822 -HSync -VSync
Modeline "1024x768e"  115.5  1024 1056 1248 1440   768  771  781  802 -HSync -VSync

# here is my "Screen" section

Section "Screen"
    Driver "svga"
    Device      "Savage"
    Monitor     "Generic|Generic LCD Panel 1400x1050"
    DefaultColorDepth 32
    Subsection "Display"
        Depth       32
        Modes       "1400x1050" "1024x768" "1280x1024"
        ViewPort    0 0
    Subsection "Display"
        Depth       16
        Modes       "1024x768a"  "1024x768b"  "1024x768c" "1024x768d"  "1024x768e" 
        ViewPort    0 0

Good luck!

As an aside, the best solution I have found so far for giving
"powerpoint" quality presentations is to use pdflatex and ppow4 to
construct good pdf files and than use acroread in full screen mode for
the presentation. I still havent found a way to get good animations
into the presentation using this technique. If somebody has a
suggestion I would like to hear about it.



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