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Kirk Ellsworth kirk at dngnet.com
Mon Jul 30 09:28:37 MDT 2001

I have ran into the same thing where X flashed.   You need to check how
full your hard drive is.  My case I filled up space in my /root and
needed to clear space.  Once I did all was fine.

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I installed RH 7.1 on a compaq presario 3550, during the install
xwindows ran fine and I got the GUI walk through of the install. After
install it boots to Linux and comes up to Linux Login:(not xwindows) but
my video flashes on and off 5 to 10 times and it will not take keyboard
inputs during the flashes, then it stops and I can type for about 5-10
seconds then it starts to flash again. I also got logged in in between
the flashing and ran startx but it fails to start.

Anyone have any idea? Video problem, I have a ATI rage 128 card, I can't
seem to get to a mode where it would be easy to switch drivers.

Thanks in advance for any advise!

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