[lug] Re: LUG digest, Vol 1 #1166 - 12 msgs

Andrew Gilmore gilmorea at Colorado.EDU
Mon Jul 30 14:01:22 MDT 2001

I'm replying to the digest, finally something came through that I know
something about... :)

On Sat, 28 Jul 2001, Keith.Herold said:
> So I just bought a new presario, and I am trying to get RH7.1 installed.
> Once I discovered that the USB controller doesn't play nice, I installed
> using nousb, and added the switch to lilo.conf. Sound card works, but the
>  built-in NIC doesn't.  There don't seem to be any compatible drivers by the
> name of "Compaq minipc 10/100 NIC" :) and I can't figure out what the
> chipset is on the card.  Are there any diagnostic tools that might be able
> to probe that port even though the system doesn't see it as a network
> adapter?  Even for windows?  I found some software, but to use the network
> diag you have to buy it, and I don't want to pay for something I will only
> use once.

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