[lug] tcp wrappers with xinetd

John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Tue Jul 31 12:37:27 MDT 2001

Xinetd will use tcpwrap libraries by default to determine access to services.  See the xinetd.conf(5) manpage.  NAMEINARGS and NOLIBWRAP parameters may be of interest.

John Price wrote:
> Hello Everyone;
> I installed Redhat 7.1 as a clean install, and discovered that my tried and true inetd has been replaced.  Soooo, I dug in and read the man pages on this new beast and attempted to shoe-horn in tcpd.  I tried this under the server_args arguement,but it didn't work.  Has anyone managed to get tcp wrappers working with xinetd?
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