[lug] cp and rm

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Tue Jul 31 19:04:44 MDT 2001

Redhat aliases cp,mv,rm to their -i version to protect users from
themselves.  I took them out long ago so I don't remember where they were
set initially.  But I would go through /etc/profile /etc/bashrc ~/.bashrc
~/.bash_profile and remove the offending lines if present.

I would also then go to /etc/skel and remove them if you don't want new
users to deal with this as well.  

With 2.4 you can mount a partition in multiple places, so no more
complaints about already being mounted.


> Is anyone having trouble with cp and/or rm under RH7.1(KRUD)?  I have
> scripts that have worked forever that now do not.  The problem (with
> both rm and cp) appears as though they have been set with xx='xx -i'.
> And this state persists despite all the counter measures that I can
> think of.  I.e., unalias xx, alias xx=xx, using the -f option, using
> the --remove-destination option (cp), etc.  When I am copying hundreds
> of files I prefer not to have to answer a prompt for each file 8-)
> Also, I just did a df and found that (my bash function) has mounted my
> archive directory ten times (presumably I have run the function ten
> times, and I have been aborting with C-c); is that normal?  I recall a
> "xxxx already mounted" kind of message from the past.

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