[lug] PowerPoint

David dajo at frii.com
Wed Aug 1 09:54:33 MDT 2001

The replies to this enquiry were interesting.  I thought I should add
a little more.

I started StarOffice 5.2 and put a PowerPoint expert in front of it;
this is someone who *loves* to play with PowerPoint and do all the
cutsy stuff.  She just used StarOffice: a little hestitation here and
there, mainly finding buttons and reading menus, etc.; but she was
immediately an order of magnitude faster than I, who is a total
novice.  There was not a lot of time spent, and a little impatience to
get on with something else, but the summary comment was that
StarPresents is considerably more limited than PowerPoint.  I think
that this means it lacks some of the more exotic capabilities of
PowerPoint, and also has a significantly smaller database of built-in
icons, fonts, and other toys.  This comment may be a little harsh, I
am not sure that enough time was spent on the test drive for a
trustworthy assessment.

The more technical comments of others - on import/export
characteristics and quality for example - were not investigated.


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