[lug] cp and rm

David dajo at frii.com
Wed Aug 1 09:34:50 MDT 2001

   Redhat aliases cp,mv,rm to their -i version to protect users from
   themselves.  I took them out long ago so I don't remember where they were
   set initially.  But I would go through /etc/profile /etc/bashrc ~/.bashrc
   ~/.bash_profile and remove the offending lines if present.

Personally I like the -i option; the complaint I have is that
sometimes I do not seem to be able to disable it with unalias.
   I would also then go to /etc/skel and remove them if you don't want new
   users to deal with this as well.  
   With 2.4 you can mount a partition in multiple places, so no more
   complaints about already being mounted.

Thank you for this, you seem to be supporting my memory, which is
comforting.  As I indicated in another response, the entries were
ghosts, probably caused by code that does not clean-up properly.


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