RH Software; was Re: [lug] cp and rm

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Wed Aug 1 14:30:37 MDT 2001

Tom, are you open for requests?

It's not really RH software but not way out of ya'lls ballpark.

I'd love to have X11 startup scripts consolidated and documented,
and, since I know that you've done some work on Insight, how about
seeing if RH will provide some major support for an improved gdb
including better thread support and a GUI interface.

When I worked on SGI's and something didn't work correctly, my
initial reaction was to open it in Casevision Workshop and watching
it run.  Now, my initial reaction is to put a bunch of cerr's in, esp.
when multi-threaded.


Tom Tromey wrote:
> Do you have some specific piece of Red Hat software you are unhappy
> with?  For particular reasons?
> Tom

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