[lug] cp and rm

David dajo at frii.com
Wed Aug 1 14:42:51 MDT 2001

I made a last minute change and forgot to put it in the posting.  Here
is the modified code (another type cp).

testitnow  ()
        echo "archive commencing"

        mount  /Archive2  
type cp
unalias cp
type cp
        echo  "copying to Archive2"
        cp  -Rpf  /home/bozo            /Archive2/home
        cp  -Rpf  /home/dajo            /Archive2/home
        cp  -Rpf  /home/Nepenthes       /Archive2/home
        cp  -Rpf  /home/NewSystemFiles  /Archive2/home
        cp  -Rpf  /home/Releases        /Archive2/home

        tarandgzip  /Archive2/dajotar  /home/dajo
        tarandgzip  /Archive2/neptar   /home/Nepenthes

alias cp='cp -i'
        umount  /Archive2

        echo  "archive complete"

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