[lug] RedHat Improvement Suggestions

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Wed Aug 1 15:03:38 MDT 2001

Tom Tromey wrote:
> Do you have some specific piece of Red Hat software you are unhappy
> with?  For particular reasons?
> Tom
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This is an invitation to a great flood of e-mails.  Without going into
detail (I will be glad to discuss all this in more detail with you
offline) here are some basic suggestions:

RedHat likes to change the behavior of their distributions significantly
with every update (and without a warning).  Sometimes I get the
impression they do this just because a new version of some package came
out and not because there is a real improvement compared to the previous
version.  Examples range from bash to just about any package that is
included in the distro.

It would also be nice if RedHat would make ReiserFS a choice.  If you
don't think it is production quality then simply state that in the
installation GUI.  But you could/should still give your users a choice
of file systems.

This leads vendors of commercial software to try to avoid Linux.  Often
I now hear "we support RedHat 6.2", a distro that is really outdated.  I
have had problems with backup software, CFD software, ... and the list
goes on and on.  More consistency (and cooperation with commercial
software vendors) would help.  I am not intending to cast the blame on
RedHat alone because I don't know if those sofware vendors approach
RedHat for new version info.

It would also be good if RedHat's GUI administration tools would work
more reliably for beginners.  I have actually damaged David's RedHat
installation earlier this year at a Linux Expo simply by trying to
configure DHCP through using linuxconf.  The same action on Mandrake
(RedHat clone) and on SuSE worked just fine.  All distros have their
shortcomings, including Mandrake and SuSE - but you asked for feedback
as the listening ear of RedHat.  I very much appreciate your
participation on this list.

Thanks for listening,

Ferdinand Schmid
303-444-4149 x231

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