RH Software; was Re: [lug] cp and rm

Tom Tromey tromey at redhat.com
Wed Aug 1 22:54:46 MDT 2001

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott A Herod <herod at interact-tv.com> writes:

Scott> Tom, are you open for requests?

My time is limited for looking into things.
However, I'm also interested in knowing what the biggest causes for
complaint are.

Let me just state for the record that I don't speak for Red Hat.

Scott> I'd love to have X11 startup scripts consolidated and
Scott> documented

This is way outside the area I know about.
You certainly know more about it than me.
Sending a request to bugzilla certainly can't hurt (though I honestly
don't know how the guy fielding the request will respond).

Scott> since I know that you've done some work on Insight, how about
Scott> seeing if RH will provide some major support for an improved
Scott> gdb including better thread support and a GUI interface.

I don't know how Red Hat chose which version of gdb to ship in 7.x.  I
know that the gcc decision was a big, complicated internal discussion.
I don't think there was a big discussion like that for gdb.

I've done a fair amount of multi-threaded debugging with gdb.
However, I use the cvs gdb, and I've been using RHL 6.2 (I still
haven't upgraded).  Overall the cvs gdb seems to work ok.  gdb 5.1
will be coming out soon, so that will be good.

I'm not really certain what the plans are for shipping a gdb GUI.  I
mean, I imagine we have RPMs for ddd and for kdebug, but I haven't
looked (I don't use them).

I think it would be cool if we shipped Insight; I'll make sure to
suggest it.  There might be residual issues about Tcl/Tk versioning
that (currently) prevent that, though (I'm not positive).


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