[lug] Code Red woes again.... 675 upgrade became necessary

Samartha Deva blug-receive at mtbwr.net
Thu Aug 2 01:34:53 MDT 2001

This was Re: [lug] Possible DOS on CIsco 675

>There are reports (from Slashdot, however reliable that makes them <g>)
>that even if the web interface is disabled, the router can still be


With the first pass of Code Red, I had no problem with the router but
today, I had to reset mine several times and while being in 675 CBOS, I got
this one:

Operation fault at 1008cd30, subtype 02
Fault record is saved at 101b2a50
1008cd34 : 5a003094           cmpi  g4, 0

the router gets the port 80 accesses on network- and broadcast
addresses and I wonder if that could throw it off?

At one point, the router crashed and hosed the firewall network interface.

Or maybe there is some stuff on the router's outside going on
which I can't see from inside in the firewall logs.


>Apparently the only real solution is to upgrade to the 2.4.1 CBOS. Here
>is a link to the upgrade:
>Since qwest does not believe in Linux, the upgrade instructions are for
>Windows. And if web and telnet access are disable, then the only way to
>get to the system is via serial cable. What fun!

I did the upgrade now. Qwest support seems totally overloaded, they
announced a waiting time of 29 minutes which turned into over one
hour and then I got disconnected.

To do the upgrade is actually not bad - I used Windoze Hyperterminal.

The actual transfer of the binary is done with xmodem protocol
after typing the CBOS command

set download code

and I think that under Linux, Minicom could do the same thing.

To run the Commander software as described in the Qwest instructions
under the URL given above is not necessary either. The software
on the 675 steps through all by itself, keeps the old configuration
and reboots.


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