[lug] cp and rm

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Thu Aug 2 11:41:54 MDT 2001

David wrote:
> Exercise:
> I loaded RH 7.1 and then wanted to add a user.  I could not work out
> how to do it in Gnome or KDE; I just could not find a mention of
> "user" in the documentation I looked at.  I am sure that it is there,
> perhaps staring me in the face, but I could not find it.  Oh, now I
> think that I found one possibilty, but nothing happened when I clicked
> on it (note).  I ended up loading linuxconf to do the job.
> So the exercise is to add a new user using a new group to your system
> using Gnome and/or KDE tools.  Of course, you must enter into the
> spirit of this: if you know how to do it then you must ignore that and
> just read the documentation and menus, no editing of /etc/passwd.
Now this is where KDE on SuSE shines.  You just go into the control
panel and use their YAST2 tools from there.  Click on Yast2 modules ->
Security & Users -> Create group or Create user, enter the root password
when prompted and off you go.  Anybody who ever administered a computer,
even the dreaded M$ systems, can do this.
BUT - SuSE really likes KDE and I don't know how well all this works in

David - why don't you come to the next BLUG meeting and we can
experiment on my laptop.  This time we can mess up my computer.


Ferdinand Schmid
303-444-4149 x231

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