[lug] htaccess redirect by user

lasten at korinth.com lasten at korinth.com
Thu Aug 2 12:11:41 MDT 2001

I thought somewhere I read one could set up redirects by user within an 
htaccess file, but for the life of me I cannot remember where I saw it.  Then 
to make matters worse I dont remember exactly what I read hehe.

Here is what I have thought about so far as another way to do it.

1.  I have done this with my own javascript an clear users/passwords though I 
could have hashed them.
2.  I could use a cgi script to pull teh username variable out to then 
redirected based on that variable.
3.  If I am using php that has some nice stuff to allow me to pull a username 
variable out as well.

Those are some thoughts for alternatives but I am hoping for an easier 
quicker way within the htaccess file.  Not sure if it is possible but if the 
username entered into the prompt for the htaccess file has a variable name I 
could call within the file and on success goto http://blah.com/$var
where $var is the username the person entered.

Well that about covers my thought process on this any suggestions are most 

Thanks in advanced all:P
-Todd Neal

PS sorry if list gets two mails

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