[lug] Weird spooling issues

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Thu Aug 2 13:13:37 MDT 2001

John Price wrote:
> Thanks to John Hernandez for the help on tcp wrappers and xinetd.  I've got another issue that, frankly,is baffling me. I have samba working fine for disk sharing.  I have also successfully had printer sharing established on numerous occassions on previous installations.
> After loading Redhat 7.1, however, I've had difficulty getting this to work.  Without going into huge amounts of detail, the print jobs are successfully making it to the /var/spool/samba file (which is the default set-up for 7.1) .  A directory listing shows all of the print jobs in that directory.  The windows box claims that there is no print que for the localhost.localdomain.  When I run lpq, however, it shows the jobs printed successfully.  lpq-L shows that all of my test jobs printed.  Yet,the spooled files remain and are not printed.
> Linux has no problems printing to the same printer.  I've never seen files successfully spooled but not printed.  What obvious thing am I missing?
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I know almost nothing about samba. But I know of at least once finding
that a setting (I think in /etc/printcap, maybe somewhere else in lp
setup) that is to save disk space can be turned on. That setting causes
the spool directory to use sym links to the actual file, rather than
copying the full file there (imagine a system where print jobs are 100
MB, copying 100 MB before each job starts). If it is set to work that
way, and the sym link must point to a remote machine, you're probably in
trouble with similar weirdness. I wish I could remember exactly where
the choice of hard copy or sym link to the spool was chosen.

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

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