[lug] The changing Linux Community was Re: cp and rm

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Thu Aug 2 14:18:16 MDT 2001

"J. Wayde Allen" wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Riggs, Rob wrote:
> > I'm far less concerned about this than Wade is. I do understand his
> > point, but the fact the one can pick up Linux at the local CompUSA is
> > a big bonus.
> I'm not trying to assign a good or bad tag to this.  It simply is an
> observation.  Granted I do have my own personal bias.

One of my own perspectives comes from business school, where one of the
interesting lessons in history was about a guy that got rejected by all
the American businesses for his ideas. He went to Japan, and taught them
that "quality is free". He meant something to the effect that, whatever
cost there is to get the best quality, it'll end up paying for itself.
What he did was invent "just in time" style of manufacturing. He began
to tighten various manufacturing excess requirements, simultaneously
pushing harder on throughput. He wanted it to break. Each breakage was a
way to find a problem. Forced evolution. The result was today's Japanese
economy, transformed from mass production of cheap crap. It works.

Nobody likes being constantly ragged on about something by someone who
wants results for free. But in this case, as annoying as it is, some of
the points by unknowing trolls point out flaws or areas that need
improvement. It sucks when it is done in a way that rubs badly on the
people doing the work, but in the end, not ignoring the complaints will
improve things, it is the pain of accelerated evolution (FYI, I loved
the cheesy David Duchovny movie, "Evolution").

Getting people to complain politely would be a better solution than
asking those who know little about the subject to not complain.

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